Accessing Your Small Business Success

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Accessing Your Small Business Success

A couple of years ago, I decided to abandon a long, unsuccessful job search. After many months of desperately looking for the perfect job, I chose to start a home based business. Because I’d never been an entrepreneur before, I was more than a little anxious. I was excited as well. Thankfully, I’ve enjoyed success in my new business venture. At the end of every month and year, I carefully analyze my revenues. Because I have a background in accounting, I know how to calculate various financial statement ratios that help me determine how my business is doing on many different levels. If you’re a struggling small business owner, consider hiring an accountant to help you access the success of your business. On this blog, you will learn the types of consulting services an accountant can offer a small business owner.


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Are you getting divorced? While many people in your situation may agree on the importance of having a divorce attorney, you may not realize the value of adding an accountant to your team of advisors. How can an accountant help during divorce negotiations? Here are four key ways.  1. To Confirm Assets and Expenses Finances are usually a large part of divorce negotiations. In order to be successful in accurately dividing marital assets and determining what support may be appropriate, you need an accurate picture of both parties' finances. Read More